What is EcoBill?

Is there anyone who likes dealing with household bills (electricity, rates, communications, etc.)? Probably not. The problem is most of us do it without regularly keeping track of things and without any control over the expenses. This situation leads to disorganization, never-ending piles of paperwork, and often also to unnecessary payments and even fines for failing to pay outstanding bills on time.

EcoBill is designated to prevent all of these through digitally smart management and keeping track and control of all of the bills on the smartphone or computer. It also includes different tools, such as the converging of all the bills and their direct receival on the smartphone, the analysis of the bills, the ability to view real-time status reports about the payments, the receival of reminders and alerts regarding payments, as well as reports regarding any payment irregularities. In such manner, the app leads to more efficient management, money saving, and ultimately, to peace of mind.


How do you connect to EcoBill?

The connection to the system is simple and quick. Following a short process of registration, the user uploads the bills to the system only once, by taking a picture of the bills using the smartphone camera or by sending the bill via email (if the bill is received from the collecting agent by email). From this moment on, the user is in effect connected to the system and can perform all actions via EcoBill.


Is it possible to pay the bills via EcoBill?

Yes. EcoBill has developed an innovative payment solution—the “One Click Payment”, effortless payment with just one click. A secured and advanced payment system that enables making payments quickly and easily. We have left the option for the ancient and burdensome way of payment for whoever prefers the old method you have been using until now.


If I have a problem with the payment, do I contact the service provider or EcoBill?

We are always happy to be of service if there is a any fault or problem with the bills. We know that these are the most irritating problems. Even if you paid using the old and burdensome method, we will be happy to assist, although, since the problem is with the service provider, it is faster to contact it directly.


All of my bills are paid using standing orders, is there still any reason for me to register?

There certainly is. EcoBill becomes even more essential precisely because most (not all) of the bills today are managed using standing orders. Most people “count on” their standing orders, without checking the charges, and afterward discover that they paid too much, sometimes after several months have already passed. EcoBill provides tracking tools that ensure there are no payment irregularities, and if it detects such irregularity, it immediately sends the user a text message. In addition, the system includes a variety of additional tools that enable better control and management of the expenses, in order to better plan the family’s financial future.


What does bill irregularity mean?

An irregular bill is a bill that is 10% higher than the relevant equivalent bill (with regard to water, electricity and gas bills, the equivalent is the bill from the previous year, with regard to the rest of the bills, it is the previous bill). With respect to communication bills, an irregular bill can be expressed by an increase of the fixed plan (following the cheaper period) or by the increase of varying expenses.


Do I need to download the app?

There is no need to download the app, as it is an internet-based application, and thus, it does not take up any of the storage resources of the cellphone. Following the registration process, we will send the user an explanation regarding the installation of the app on the homepage of the cellphone or computer, enabling them to directly log on to EcoBill—just like the app.


Does EcoBill involve any payment on the user’s part?

No. The use of EcoBill does not involve any payment on the user’s part. EcoBill’s business model is based on commissions received from the service providers (municipalities, the Electric Corporation, water agencies, communication service providers, etc.)


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