About Us

About Us

Eco-Bill was founded by two brothers, Raz and Chen Shapira, with the purpose of becoming a leading, essential, and innovative agent in the field of household bills management.

The company’s goal is to provide the consumer with information services, specialized knowledge, and accessible tools, available at any time and any place, which can be used to make optimal decisions in the field of household management that can be implemented without any barriers of knowledge and expertise.

The reality of the routine management of household bills—electricity, water, rates, communications, etc.—is familiar to all: a stack of bills that piles-up inside a random drawer or remains attached to the fridge door gathering dust. Moreover, many don’t even bother to open the bill sent by mail or email. However, the failure to attend to the bills and keep track of them often results in unnecessary charges, which are completely preventable—for example, fines for failure to pay on the due date, late fees for delayed payments, charges for services that were not consumed at all, and payment irregularities.

The app enables converging all the bills in one place and receiving them digitally, directly to the smartphone. The system provides a vast variety of tools, which among others, include an analysis of the bills, the option to view real-time reports about the payment status, the receival of updates and alerts about payments, and also reports about payment irregularities, and more. The app also offers the option to pay the bills directly through the app, revoking the need to logon to different sites for different payments. As it makes the use of paper redundant, it is environment-friendly.

We aim to be a globally leading agent in the field of household bills.

The Company Profile in Brief
The company has completed the Unit 8200 (a prestigious Israeli Intelligence Corps unit) veterans’ hothouse program, and has completed a round of investor financing. EcoBill is currently located at the “Atir Yeda” Industrial Zone in Kfar Saba, Israel.

The Leading Team:

Raz Shapira— CEO and founder, CPA. Has vast knowledge in the business-financial field.

He held executive, business development and money management positions in leading organizations and companies in Israel. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (BA) and a Master’s degree (MA) from Tel-Aviv University.

Chen Shapira—CTO and founder.

Has ample experience in the development of software systems. A veteran of a classified military technological unit.

Holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Computer Science and a Master’s degree (MBA) in Business Administration.

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